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10 Steps to Becoming a Fitness Entrepreneur

Combining a passion with a business concept can be fruitful. There’s money to be made in the fitness industry—if you know how to execute.

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Amateur Moves: Top 5 Mistakes New Personal Trainers Make

Personal training calls for both skills/aptitude and business savvy. Sometimes even the most well-intentioned and driven trainers lose sight of their goals and make mistakes along the way. Don’t let that happen to you.

5 Ways to Fast-Track Your Income to 6 Figures

With an increased interest in preventative healthcare, personal training is a growing industry in the United States. In fact, it’s possible to eventually earn a 6-figure income if you’re willing to put in the time and energy.

3 Ways to Connect with Clients

Personal training is a, well, personal business. You need to connect with clients beyond the superficial in order to be effective. The most successful trainers have mastered both the technical and the interpersonal aspects of their craft. What does that look like?

5 Secrets To A Successful Personal Training Career

What separates the good from the best? The most effective trainers embrace the following concepts.

5 Critical Steps To Opening Your Own Fitness Gym

Owning a gym is a worthy goal, but it’s nothing to leave to chance. Learn from the successes of other gym owners and ensure you take into account these 5 critical steps!

5 Tips To Increase Client Retention

Attracting clients is one thing, but retaining them is another. The most successful trainers know that a loyal customer is a happy customer. How then do you foster loyalty? Here are 5 no-fail tips!

What Is Corporate Culture and How Do You Evaluate It?

It’s a simple truth: Companies that place client interests, ethics, and employee well-being at the core of their operations usually outperform those who do not. So, what is this corporate culture concept anyway? It’s the sum of many parts. Here are a few of them!

5 Steps To Help Yoga Instructors Avoid Burnout

Burnout happens in any career, even when you love what you do. All yoga teachers need a break every now and then to feel refreshed and renewed. You can’t really sell people on the perks of yoga if you’re not in the best frame of mind or body yourself. Here are five ways to avoid yoga teacher burnout!

5 Ways to Beef Up Your Bottom Line

Profit is the holy grail of any business, including fitness related ones. With preventative measures on the rise to curb healthcare costs, there’s definitely room for you to have a piece of the proverbial pie. However, you must take things seriously. It’s a business and not a hobby, after all. Following are several strategies from the best and brightest in the industry to increase profitability!