5 Ways to Fast-Track Your Income to 6 Figures

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With an increased interest in preventative healthcare, personal training is a growing industry in the United States. In fact, it’s possible to eventually earn a 6-figure income if you’re willing to put in the time and energy. Following are the habits of the highest earners in the fitness industry and how you might follow suit.

They are independent and self-employed.

Working for a commercial gym has its pros, but also its downsides. Perhaps the most obvious drawback is a limit on income. You also might be limited by non-compete agreements and other legal restrictions. Plus, when working for someone else you usually aren’t as driven as when your livelihood solely depends on getting people in the door.

They know how to sell.

Having trouble selling your rate? Remember, you are really selling results. If you can convince people you are the person who can get them closer to their goals, the price becomes less at the forefront.

They deliver.

Selling them on a better version of themselves is one thing—you have to make it happen, time and time again. Yes, there will be clients who have to stop training due to finances or life reasons, but for most you’ll gain a loyal customer if you prove you’re capable.

They set boundaries.

The specifics will depend on the person. Will you answer phone calls, texts or emails on weekends? The most successful trainers lay out the ground rules from the outset, so that both parties understand what will and will not be tolerated. It also maintains a tidy working relationship and allows you both to focus on what’s really important — the client’s goals.

They invest in themselves.

Too many trainers look at continuing education as an inconvenience because it costs time and money. This thought process needs to change. Here’s why. Knowledge can lead to increased income. If you’re still doing the exact same things that you were doing a year or two ago then you’re likely not doing anyone any favors. Instead of looking at continuing education hours as an obligation, consider it an investment in yourself and the future of your business.

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