5 Secrets To A Successful Personal Training Career

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What separates the good from the best? The most effective trainers embrace the following concepts.

1) They’ve found their niche:

What type of training do you offer? Who is your target market? Just like any business, you have to know your audience before you can market to them. As Shakespeare said, “to thy own self be true.” You can’t be everything to everyone or else you’ll go crazy trying.

2) They set and honor boundaries:

It can be easy to get burnt out in this career, especially at first. The most successful trainers know to say no so they don’t become over-extended. Sometimes that means cutting back on clientele or limiting the number of hours you’ll spend in the gym in a week. Being overextended serves no one. Take time for you so you can show up rested and at your best.

3) They are business people, too:

Sure, training and expertise in your craft is critical but you can’t rely on that alone. Trainers need to concern themselves with the practical side of things, like contracts, accounting, software, insurance, licensing, etc. You may consider outsourcing or delegating these tasks if you don’t have the resources. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone!

4) They are confident:

There is no magic bullet when it comes to acquiring and maintaining success as a personal trainer. You have to accept it takes hard work and time to get started as a personal trainer—and most importantly love it. Anything worth pursuing calls for effort and grit. Do you believe you can succeed?

5) They know how to connect:

We all get into the industry for different reasons. Some trainers are (or were) athletes while others are more interested in everyday fitness and wellness. Each and every client will have a different driving force. The challenge will be training, motivating, supporting and encouraging clients even if they’re not as committed as you are to your training.  It all starts and ends with human connection.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to grow your personal training practice.