3 Ways to Connect with Clients

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Personal training is a, well, personal business. You need to connect with clients beyond the superficial in order to be effective. The most successful trainers have mastered both the technical and the interpersonal aspects of their craft. What does that look like? Here are 3 tips to forge meaningful and lasting relationships with new clients:


There is hearing and then there is listening. When working with a client, be mindful of your interactions. Are you practicing active, empathetic listening? That means asking questions and truly listening to the responses. When the client expresses a concern, do you acknowledge him or her? All of these elements are critical to rapport building.

Keep your word

Actions speak louder than words. Maybe you promised to research something and get back to the client. Regardless, trust is built on follow-through. Don’t compromise that by falling short. Talk is cheap—but the cost of acquiring new clients is not. If you’re not one for sincerity– you’re going to be constantly struggling to get more clients, have clients stay with you and you will never be a trusted resource or expert that people come looking for.

Follow up

In today’s digital world it’s so easy to text or email and avoid in person or phone interaction. Initially, you should attempt to reach out via telephone to communicate. Why? The extra effort will set you apart—which never hurts in a competitive industry. Plus, clients tend to be more candid with you in a phone conversation than via other channels.

At the end of the day, fitness is a people business. Are you up to the challenge? Too many talented trainers leave the industry every year because they fail to establish the interpersonal foundation. Don’t let laziness get the best of you. Use the above strategies and separate yourself from the average!

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